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We are so grateful that you're a WWRL volunteer A.K.A. member of the "Hearth Core"! Here we are looking to best utilize your time in service with us. Click "Be Hearth Core!" below so Woman's Way Red Lodge can learn more about co-creating with you.
Be Hearth Core!
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Pick an area that best fits you and your intention in working with WWRL.

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Tell us about yourself?

We would love to hear about YOU! Don't be shy, let your awesomeness shine here with a brief description of skills & knowledge you bring to share.
Want to learn something new?

How can we help each other grow? Does anything come to mind for you about a learning a new skill?

Do you have a vision in which you would take the lead on? Tell us about it.

This is a term that we use in place of "co" when working with another.
For example, instead of "co-facilitator" on a project we will say "side-by" of a project. 

Is there anyone you would like to side-by with.
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